2 pair of Stridalyzer INSIGHT Insoles

API Access

Richer control: Set Data rate, export raw data, etc

Dev Support & API updates for 1 year

Rich set of components for your Research

The Stridalyzer INSIGHT Research Kit enables you to rapidly build solutions that leverage the Stridalyzer technology platform. The SDK consists of:


Stridalyzer INSIGHT insole contains 5 high precision and high accuracy force sensors and one IMU unit that provides all aspects of GAIT data.


API libraries, code samples and research tools necessary to build, test and debug new solutions based on the Stridalyzer smart insole technology platform. API documentation to get raw pressure/force values for research.


Electronics includes Stridalyzer sensor fitted insoles and Stridalyzer core circuit with pressure and motion sensor that that connect to app for real time monitoring.

Cloud & Portal

A robust, scalable and secure infrastructure with rich set of functionality and features that connects your app and portal through a secure chanel. 

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