Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE 2

Adding Sense to your Strides

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Stridalyzer Performance Stridalyzer Marathon Stridalyzer App (Pro)
Ideal For Advanced Athletes Casual Joggers Beginners
Basic Features
Pace, Distance, Calories, Stepcount check check check
Run History Stride-Level Stride-level Stride-level
Real-Time Measurements
Real-Time Measurements
(Str. Len, Str. Rate, GCT)
check check check
Real-Time Stress Map (Feet) check check check
Real-Time Stress Map (Knee) check check check
Real-Time Running Form Alerts check check
In-device data storage
Run without phone check check N.A
Duration of run data stored on device 10 hours 20 hours N.A
Post-Run Analysis & Guidance
Data storage on Cloud check check check
Running Form Summary check check check
Running Form Guidance check check check
Rich, stride-level web-based analysis check check check
Stress Map Replay check check check
Exercise & cross-training recommendation check check check
Other Features
Measurement & Analysis method 4-sensor 1-sensor Statistical
Water-proof Level Moisture &
Splash-Proof N.A
Battery Life 20 hours of run 20 hours of run /
3 weeks standby
Battery Type Internal, Rechargeable Internal, Rechargeable N.A
LED Indications Charging/Charged On/Ready to connect/
Connected & Active/
Low battery
  1. Run-level means the user can access only run summary information.
  2. Stride Level means the user can access details down to seconds of each run.
  3. Only run summary data is stored on cloud.
  4. Statistical means the stress calculations are done based on statistical estimates of how other runners with similar body structure (height, weight, foot size, arch size) and pace, distance etc measures tend to distribute their stress.
  5. 2-sensor: The sensing circuit uses data from 2 sensors, and then extrapolates and calculates feet/leg movement and stress data for various points on feet and knees.
  6. 4-sensor: The sensing circuit uses data from upto 4 sensors to calculate feet/leg movement and stress data for various points on feet and knees.
  7. Splash Proof: The insole circuit is protected against short-term exposure to water. Primary unprotected part is the USB port.
  8. Sweat resistant: Insole circuit can handle sweat and moisture buildup, but is not meant to handle water splashes or more.



Track your vitals – Pace, Distance, Time, Stride Length, Stride Rate, Ground Contact Time and Battery – all on one screen!

Now you don’t have to pause everytime to switch between screens to check for relevant vitals. Stridalyzer’s innovative wearable technology, helps you make note of, and immediately rectify your running form and style in a glance. This fitness gadget for runners enables you to correct your balance and form like no other!

Stress Map

Monitors the pressure experienced on your feet and knees, in an attempt to avoid serious injury. Knee injuries account for about 42% of all running injuries.

This fitness gadget for runners will help correct this by pin pointing areas where the runner is experiencing stress so that he can correct his balance and form.


Get real-time alerts on the stress experienced on your feet and knees, overpronation and overstriding.

Control alerts in accordance to your personal preference. Should you overstride or overexert yourself too much during a run, the app will send out an immediate alert.


Revisit your previous run data in order to make comprehensive comparisons on running form and overall performance to track improvements.

Keeping track of your past performance and using it to improve on your running is a lot easier with Stridalyzer.


Get the best out of running on a treadmill by setting appropriate Inclination and Speed, and track your run better.

With Stridalyzer’s Treadmill feature, you will be able to get your treadmill workout to the same level as running outdoors on a track, and even make a comparative analysis of the two workouts.



So you can perform better


To fit you better


Light. Breathable. Anti-bacterial. Moisture-wicking

Long Battery Life

Charge once a week. Run everyday


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