Sometimes, app may show higher battery percentage than insoles actually have. It is recommended to charge for at least one hour before your run.

Please use the exact same login credentials and method you used on the app, if  the issue persists, please clear your browser cache, steps are below for chrome browser!

1. Go to browser settings.

2. Click on “Show advance settings”.

3. Chick on “Clear Browsing data”.

4. Set the dropdown to “The beginning of time”.

5. Then select “cookies and other sites and plugin data” and “cached images and files”.

6. Now click on “Clear browsing data” on popup window.

Please follow the above steps and restart your browser and try to login to “”.


Injury risk is calculated based on the data of past 2-3 weeks of run and the patterns of which areas get most chronic impact stress. We use research published in various Journal of Sports medicine quantifying chronic impact stress and the probability of injuries due to those chronic impact/overuse stress.

Exercises recommended were provided by coaches, physiotherapists and orthopedic doctors as well as experienced runners, based on specific scenarios of overuse stress, wrong form, pain symptoms, etc.

We have 3-month refund policy against any defects, and 1-year repair warranty. For more detail please read our Return Policy at

In case your run is not completed properly, the app may not show it in the ‘History’. You can recover your run by some simple steps.

  • Click on ‘History’ from main menu.
  • You can see your Incomplete run under section (Incomplete/Cancelled Activities).
  • Click on recover button to recover your run.
  • The recovered run, you can now find in the same page under the section ‘History’.
  • You can now access this run to get all pertinent data related to it.

Please verify that you  have provided necessary permissions on your phone for Stridalyzer to use GPS data. Without this, the distance and speed cannot be obtained, and that affects all other calculations in the product.

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Stridalyzer insoles are water-resistant, not waterproof, so avoid usage in rainy conditions. Put to dry immediately if the insoles get wet.

These insoles are meant to last about one year. As you may have noticed with your running shoes, the bottom soles are the ones that run out. You can simply move the insole to your new running shoes.

Stridalyzer takes privacy and security of your data very seriously! The data on your phone complies with all privacy and security requirements from Apple (iOS) or Google (Android). All transmissions from the phone to the cloud uses industry-standard encryption, with keys that are unique to each user. The data on the cloud are encrypted, and only you have access to the data that is stored for your account.

The Stridalyzer App syncs data with our cloud servers every 3-5 minutes when the phone is in a robust connectivity area. The App sends and receives only a few numbers, so each communication consumes just a few tens of bytes. When the app is in a low-connectivity zone, the data is stored locally on the phone, and is synced back up to the cloud when the network connectivity is robust again.

Real-Time alerts are one of the key distinguishing features of Stridalyzer. Based on your body structure (determined using data provided by you – your height, weight, foot size, arch type and gender), the analytics engine builds a biomechanical model of your leg, and also what is a “reasonable” repetitive impact load-bearing capacity for your leg. Then, based on the measurements of your stress, we determine if the measurements are beyond the “reasonable” impact-load bearing capacity. If so, we generate an alert.

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We get this question a lot. Stridalyzer uses the data collected on the feet, to calculate the amount of stress being exerted on the knees. We build a biomechanical model of the legs in our app and customize the model for you, based on your body structure (determined using information provided by you). Using the data collected by your insoles, we build the model to understand exactly how you moved your feet, and also how your knee was positioned during the various stages of running stance, and calculate how much stress was transferred to your knee in the various stances. Again, this is possible only because we know how each part of your foot moved when you made contact with ground and when you pushed off ground.

Good running form is inherently subjective, and is different for every individual. And as most experts and runners know, there is no broad-brushed approach to “Good Form” – it does not depend on heel strike or front strike, or wearing cushioned or minimalistic shoes.
So, we focus on certain fundamental aspects:

  • How much impact and push-off stress is experienced on various parts of the leg?
  • Is the user performing certain injury-prone actions (e.g. overstriding, sustained over-pronation)?
  • Is the user accumulating stress in one side of the body (vs. symmetrically distributed on both sides)?
  • Is the user accumulating stress on one part of the body (vs uniformly using all muscle groups)?

Based on these, we determine real-time form alerts as well as the end-of-run form summary and guidance.

Stridalyzer insoles measure which part of your foot impacted the ground, with what amount of force, and for how long. Using this information, combined with GPS measurements from the phone, we can determine exactly how your feet are moving, and how much stress they are receiving, as you move. Using these information, we can measure:

  • Distance, Pace, Altitude climbed.
  • Stepcount, Calories burnt.
  • Stride Length, Stride Rate.
  • Ground Contact Time
  • Strike Type.
  • Stresses on Heel, FrontFoot and MidFoot
  • Stresses on Arch and Knee.

Stridalyzer Performance insoles would last about 20 hours of running when completely charged and the Stridalyzer Marathon Insoles would last about 10 hours of running when completely charged.

The insoles come with a USB charging cord, and you can connect it to any USB charging wall-point. The insole batteries get charged from fully-discharged state to fully charged state in about 4-5 hours. Single-use charge from a discharged state takes just 15-minutes.

Stridalyzer MARATHON has the ability to store data in the insoles, and so can store data while you run, and then you can sync it back to your phone when you get back. Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE cannot store data in the insoles, and require a smartphone to be connected, to continuously receive the data. Real-Time guidance however works only when the insoles are connected to a smartphone.

Before you start running, you must connect your insoles to your phone through the Stridalyzer App. The insole and app connect using Bluetooth Low-Energy, a variation of Bluetooth. Once connected, the app can receive data from the insoles.

We support iOS (any iPhone starting from iPhone 4s with iOS version 8.0 and later) and Android (Android 4.3 and newer).

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Yes. Stridalyzer Insoles are available in small, medium and large sizes. It is also possible to trim the Stridalyzer insoles down upto 3 sizes, using scissors, to fit snugly into your shoes. Stridalyzer Product Manual has directions on how to do that.

You should be able to use this insole on top of the other insole. We would recommend that you consult with your physician to be sure.

The insoles we use are similar size and materials as the insoles that are present in the high-end running shoes.

The battery takes 1-2 long periods of charging to reach a stable charged level, the percentage may not always be very accurate so we would advice to give it a few tries of long duration charging and that should solve the problem.

The Stridalyzer Insoles can be connected to devices running Android 6.0 only if location service has been activated on your smart phone. Please turn on the location service and restart the app. You should now be able to connect your insoles to the Stridalyzer App.

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