At Retisense, we’ve always tried to stand out in terms of innovation and quality. With Stridalyzer, we hope to push pre-set boundaries and set very high standards. It is therefore a matter of great satisfaction when we receive glowing feedback from our happy customers.

Sarath Chander, an avid runner based in Bangalore, really enjoyed his experience with the Stridalyzer. After a series of different kinds of runs, distances and terrains, he said that the insoles are perfect for short, hard workouts as they fit the shoes snugly. They felt particularly snug after he was able to trim down the insole to fit into his shoe perfectly. Sarath added, he had a great time following the REAL-TIME stress maps and alerts and found it real interesting!

“I am quite enjoying the smart insoles now! The soles make my shoe fit more snugly particularly in the region of the arch.

Runs on rough terrain (certain parts of Lalbagh, Bangalore are properly rugged) were made a bit more comfortable by the thicker sole.

Due to the snugness I like it for shorter harder interval workout (much like how track spikes feel). Although it get a bit wearisome during long runs, there are no issues of blisters or hotspots. This could be a matter of getting used to it with my current shoe. Due to the nature of my shoe, the sole added a bit of much-wanted cushioning during long road runs. Additionally, the soles connected very quickly (with the Stridalyzer app on the smartphone) and stayed that way (during the run).

Regarding the app, the pressure map of the feet is a genuine eye opener for me and I could see changes commensurate with changes (intentional and also due to tiredness) in stride and landing. Fantastic! Using the app and getting the information is fantastic.

We are simply delighted that it has helped yet another runner Run Better! The insoles and app, which are aimed at balancing a runner’s performance and form, have also done their job of ensuring a runner’s constant comfort during their routine.

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