It’s happened to the best of us. You start running, you’re on fire and running is all you can think of. After each run, you feel unstoppable, and you can’t wait until tomorrow, so you can do it all again. And then, WHAM! Suddenly, something stops you right in your tracks; You get hurt, busy or tired. You’re not running anymore. Getting back in the groove is one of the hardest things to do, we know the feeling. Here are some tips to get you back on your feet:

  1. Start with something easy
  2. Get a running partner
  3. Set small, achievable goals
  4. Remember how good running made you feel
  5. Schedule it, as part of your daily routine
  6. Take a one-month challenge
  7. Do it for yourself, not for anything or anyone else

Stridalyzer’s proprietary rating system called the “5-Star System” is great way to keep track of your running; this intelligent sensing system not only tracks your activity but also guides you on how to ramp it up, full with audio-visual alerts on potential injuries. Learn more:

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