I highly recommend Stridalyzer to any runner.

‪#‎TGIF‬ & a Big Thank You to Stridalyzer by Retisense for sending me these smart insoles. Remember the feet are the foundation to the body. I have been using these insoles for a few weeks now and they have been great in showing me areas of improvement in my body. I highly recommend them to… Read more “I highly recommend Stridalyzer to any runner.”

Leo Manzano

Stridalyzer can identify my Stress Points exactly!

It appears that one of my legs is a bit more stressed than the other. I always knew my right leg was tighter, but it is interesting to see this translated into actual data. Stridalyzer was also correct in the tension that I’m feeling in my right mid-foot. You guys have a great product! I wanted… Read more “Stridalyzer can identify my Stress Points exactly!”

Olympic Silver-medal Winner

Stridalyzer helped me identify high pressure under my toe

I run about 4 times a week to prepare for my first Marathon, in Hamburg (Germany) in April. I especially like the pressure-Map-Feature on Stridalyzer because it gives me the most insight about any upcoming physiological problem. By using Stridalyzer I was able to identify an abnormal high Pressure under my 2nd, 3rd Toe –… Read more “Stridalyzer helped me identify high pressure under my toe”

Michael Zielinski
Amateur Runner
Hamburg, Germany

I use Real-Time stress map to adjust my run constantly

I run usually two-three times a week using a customized  program from The Running School. I almost exclusively use the real time screens on the Stridalyzer app. When I’m running on the treadmill I’m using the Stridalyzer app to see the weight distribution of my foot in real time. It help me improve my running… Read more “I use Real-Time stress map to adjust my run constantly”

Amateur Runner

Using Stridalyzer data to frame my rehab more efficiently

I am simply amazed at how this pair of Stridalyzer could show me live, exactly what was diagnosed by my therapist/SPARRC months ago. But now after knowing where exactly were the stress areas are on my Left leg, with the help of the diagrammatic representations(attached herewith) , I am using them to frame my rehab/workout in… Read more “Using Stridalyzer data to frame my rehab more efficiently”

Fitness Trainer & Competitive Runner

Runner or triathlete? You’d be wise to check out Stridalyzer!

I had a blast run testing a pair of RetiSense.com Stridalyzer insoles last week for my upcoming Austin Fit magazine gear review. If you’re a runner or triathlete, you’d be wise to check ’em out.

Reviewer for AustinFit magazine, Amateur Runner
Austin, TX, USA

The @ReTiSenseInc app calling out my weak points

The @ReTiSenseInc app calling me out! Quad work it is. Check out #Stridalyzer’s smart insoles. #running #ACTIVEemp https://twitter.com/the_erica_hour/status/687716925107929088

Reviewer for Active.com, Amateur Runner
Dallas, TX, USA

Pressure Measurement display is awesome!

The miracle took place. Pressure measurement with insole #Stridalyzer. To be continued in #hardlopen @runnersworldnl https://twitter.com/YsbrandV/status/685061835096231937

Reviewer for Runner’s World

Better than Nike App?

This #Stridalyzer thing from @ReTiSenseInc is pretty awesome. It makes #running better than the Nike app. #BigData #Marathon https://twitter.com/MrBasabose/status/660809545267208195

Amateur Runner

Cool! I enjoy the real-time feedback on changes in stride and landing

The pressure map of the feet is a genuine eye opener for me and I could see changes commensurate with changes (intentional and also due to tiredness) in stride and landing. Fantastic! Using the app and getting the information is fantastic.

Amateur Runner

My running stats seem to be improving

The pads feel funny in the beginning, but after a while you settle into them and they feel just fine and the stats seem to be improving as I slowly get back into my rhythm.

Fitness Trainer & Competitive Runner

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