It appears that one of my legs is a bit more stressed than the other. I always knew my right leg was tighter, but it is interesting to see this translated into actual data. Stridalyzer was also correct in the tension that I’m feeling in my right mid-foot. You guys have a great product!

I wanted to send you some feed back on my runs with Stridalyzer. I am not sure if this information will be of any use but I hope if anything it could be useful for the product or at the very least entertaining.


So, yesterday I wanted to give Stridalyzer a good test drive and incorporate a few things into my run. It was a total of about 7 miles split up into 3 runs/ tests. Here is what I did and a few of the results. The values from each one of the runs is a bit different so I wanted to take the time to explain why.


Run 1. The warm up- I usually run between 7-8 minutes per mile.


As you can see my stress values are lower and a bit more even and slightly higher on my left side.


L- 1,110 vs -R- 1,048


This would make sense as I have had some planter resurface on my right foot and my left side would be compensating, atleast on the warm up.


Run 2. Mid Run- 6:20-7min per mile


As I have warmed-up and running a bit faster the stress values have significantly increased on my right side. This would again make sense as my right side is stronger and also is my tighter side.  The running posture is more of a natural  tendency as many of us have inherent running postures.


L- 912 vs R-1,470


Run 3. Form Change- 6-7min per mile


With a slight form change, although my right side stress distribution is still higher it has come down by about 200 lb/sec. Also as you can see my values on both sides are a bit more even, especially at a faster pace and although not the same the value for both legs, the value total is similar to what the warm up value looked like.


L -1,101 vs R-1,265


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