Stridalyzer Trainer's Tool

Stridalyzer Trainer’s Tool

As a trainer or a coach, you know how important it is to assign appropriate training plans to trainees (customized to their individual needs), and then monitor and adapt that training plan over time.

With Stridalyzer’s Trainer’s Toolkits:

  • You can create Training Plans online, and assign to your trainees.
  • You can Monitor the progress of your athlete from anywhere.
  • Go into the details of your Trainee’s performance, in great detail with every relevant parameter available for you to look into!
  • Our Intelligent recommendation engine also highlights potential areas of improvements or risks of injuries, so that you can focus on those areas.
  • Generate and send a 1-page report to your trainee with their current performance analysis, your assessment, and areas to focus on in future.
  • The changes are automatically pushed to your trainee’s Stridalyzer App, and you get notified as and when the trainee completes the plan (or not).

Check out the details of how to use Training Plan tools to deliver the best, personally customized training using Stridalyzer Trainer’s Toolkit. Learn more.

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