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Stridalyzer Updates: Are you a “5-Star Runner”?


The “5-Star System”. Comprehensive Running Form Analysis. Simplified.

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Defining a good running form is not Rocket Science, but it’s still extremely subjective. However, most experts agree that good running form is key to better performance and an injury-free running experience. And they also agree that the five fundamental vectors – Cadence, Ground Contact Time, Foot Strike, Body Balance and Impact Stress – form the key to good running form.

Stridalyzer Smart Devices, coupled with Stridalyzer Analytics and guidance solutions, is the ONLY solution that measures, analyzes and provides you an insight into all these vectors, and provides a proprietary rating system, that we call the “5-Star System“. This system was developed with feedback and guidance from veteran runners, coaches, trainers, sports physiotherapists and orthopedic doctors.

When you run with Stridalyzer Insoles or PODs, at the end of every run, Stridalyzer App works with the cloud-based Analytics system to analyze your entire run for the 5 areas, and provides a rating to each area:Activity_summary_iOS_alt

  • Cadence: Are you taking the recommended number of steps per minute – about 160-180?
  • Ground Contact Time: The lower your GCT, the better, as that means you are utilizing the knee & hip spring action optimally.
  • Foot Strike & Stance: While heel strike in itself is not a big problem, if your heel strike tends to cause you to overstride, that’s a concern.
  • Body Balance: Stridalyzer detects the load distribution on each leg, and calculates the avg. distribution throughout the run. Needless to say, a disbalanced loading will increase injury risk on the leg that’s overloaded.
  • Impact Stress: Stridalyzer senses and measures impact stress through out your run. A uniformly distributed stress pattern ensures no part of the leg is taking undue burden, as excessive loading on any one area increases injury risk significantly.

If you score a rating of 4 and above – you’re doing good! Otherwise, you might want to look into our guidance and recommendation for fixing some of the issues!

 Here’s your Challenge: Are you a 5-Star Runner?

  • Get a 5-Star rating on a run 5KM or longer, share on Facebook or Twitter and tag us – a surprise gift awaits!,

Terms & Conditions apply.

Want to get personalized expert guidance? ExpertConnect – Coming Soon!

ExpertConnect – the service where you can get matched up and connected to, well, an expert in various aspects of running – be it a sports physiotherapist, sports doctor, or even veteran runners who have gone through the struggles and pain – is well underway in its development phase, and we plan to pilot it soon!

With ExpertConnect, you select a guide to help you on a regular basis, and your guide reviews your run data through our “Trainer’s Toolkit” web platform. Based on the review, your guide can assign specific training plans, conditioning plans, other advice or just words of encouragement.

This way, you not only have the Stridalyzer intelligent analytics looking out for you, you have your own coach, looking at every aspect of your run – and you don’t even need to make an appointment and visit a clinic!

We are offering one-month FREE ExpertConnect service to select users of Stridalyzer, so if you are interested, please drop us a note at support@retisense.com, or from Stridalyzer App feedback page, and we will include your name in the list. We will contact you when we are ready to start the service.

Action Replay of Historical Runs

Action Replay of Historical Runs




#RunBetter Tip: Use the Virtual Simulator tools to better tune your Race Day strategies!

Planning to run the Berlin Marathon? Or Chicago? Use the Virtual Simulator on our website to estimate your probable rank, and also try out various strategies to achieve your next PR! Virtual Simulator is based on real race data for the major marathons, for the previous years.

For example, did you know that “slow jogging” instead of running will help your rank by several hundred points, as opposed to “walking breaks”?


 Monthly Draw Watch out for Monthly Lucky Draw winner announcement in our Newsletter, and our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Introducing Marathon Simulator, and other Stridalyzer updates

Introducing Marathon Simulator. Optimize your race strategies for your next PR!

Running one of the “Big 10” is a dream for every runner – especially the Boston Marathon, which is widely regarded as the most elite marathon in the world. So, you’ve set your goal to participate in one of those big ones. You have started training for them, joined a running group, changed your diet, got a GPS watch, and post your weekly mileage updates on Facebook or Twitter.IMG_1698

But, how are you really trending to perform in the main event? This is where Marathon Simulator comes in:

  1. Download Stridalyzer app if you don’t already have it, from App Store or Play Store.
  2. Choose which marathon you want to simulate (Boston, Berlin or Chicago currently available; more to be available soon)
  3. Just do your long run.
  4. As you run, the App uses your Real-Time distance & pace information, and computes how you would have performed in the selected event!

(No, we cannot replicate the terrain, the weather and the thousands of people of the event, but you’ll get real-time insights into how you are performing!)

Plan out and test various strategies and figure out which ones work best – when should you coast, when should you start ramping up to your target pace, etc. Also coming soon – compare your race strategies to the elites as well as the average runners, and learn from what the elites are doing for the event!

Marathon Simulator is available for free with Stridalyzer app till August 1. Post August 1st, it’ll be available as a paid upgrade.


Here’s your Challenge: Think you can excel at one of the big events?

  • Score a rank below 500, and win a pair of Stridalyzer Performance insoles! Or,
  • Score a rank below 1000, and win a pair of Stridalyzer Pod!

Terms & Conditions apply. Send us a snapshot of your long-run (longer than 10km/6mi), and the date of the run!





Diagnosing Running Form failures using “Action Replay” in Trainer’s Toolkit

Stridalyzer Trainer’s Toolkit enables coaches, Sports physiotherapists and doctors to help their clients in a much more intelligent way than by just using a short-duration gait-analysis in their clinic on a treadmill. Most running form problems show up much later in a person’s run when fatigue starts setting in. With Stridalyzer Smart Insoles constantly monitoring the runner’s form and uploading the data to the cloud for review, trainers and caregivers now have a much more powerful set of tools to diagnose what kind of running form issues the runner might be getting into and how it would affect the runner in the future.

Using the “Action Replay” feature on Trainer’s Toolkit (available through http://stridalyzer.retisense.com), caregivers can view down-to-the-minute stress-distribution on feet and knees, and pin-point the form-related lapses as well as when and why they occur.

This then helps the trainer recommend targeted solutions, like strengthening & flexibility exercises.

If you are a trainer or a sports physiotherapist, check out Stridalyzer Trainer’s Package, and get yours now at 20% discount using coupon “COACHSMART”.

Action Replay of Historical Runs

Action Replay of Historical Runs



#RunBetter Tip: Why the Big Toe is such an important aspect of your running form?

“For several reasons, be it injuries or even minor running form issues, problems with the big toe can cause a chain reaction of problems on up the leg—from plantar fasciitis to Achilles problems to calf strains and more.” writes Ryan Wood of Competitor.com. Read more on why the Big Toe is a critical part of your running form at https://running.competitor.com/2016/04/injury-prevention/big-toe-big-part-running_147980#bzza9IO3FP7VtPm8.99


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