The 100-Sensor Insoles

Stridalyzer PRISM Smart Insoles for Advanced Diagnostics & Research

Introducing Stridalyzer PRISM Smart Insoles for Advanced Static and Dynamic Gait Analysis and Research. With upto 100 pressure sensors AND 2 sets of 6-axis inertial sensors, there’s nothing that comes close. All this in a light, fully-wireless set of insoles that are extremely simple to use and feels just any regular set of insoles! The insoles work with Stridalyzer INSIGHT app, so you get extremely responsive, Real-Time Static and Dynamic Biomechanics data and pressure map, Integrated Rehabilitation tools, research and Development tools & APIs, and a fully-integrated data management system.  It’s time your ideas met tools that are as advanced.

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Stridalyzer INSIGHT Smart Insoles for Clinicians & Researchers

Stridalyzer INSIGHT Smart Insoles for Clinical Diagnosis, Rehab and Gait Research: Real-Time Static and Dynamic Biomechanics solution in a fully-mobile system. Integrated Rehabilitation tools to help you provide interactive biofeedback-enabled recovery plan. Research and Development tools & APIs to help researchers gain deep insights into biomechanics. Packed with sensors yet thin and light like a regular insole!

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Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE Smart Insoles for Runners

Introducing the Apple Watch-compatible Smart Insoles for Runners! Stridalyzer Technology analyses your body motion and forces, along with the Heart Rate data from Apple Watch, to provide you a much richer understanding of your training. Now, Improve your Run and Run Better with the combined insight of your Biomechanics and your Aerobics! Or, use with your Android or iPhone and get the deep insight on your running form.
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What STRIDALYZER Customers & Partners Say

#‎TGIF‬ & a Big Thank You to Stridalyzer by Retisense for sending me these smart insoles. Remember the feet are the foundation to the body. I have been using these insoles for a few weeks now and they have been great in showing me areas of improvement in my body. I highly recommend them to any runner.

Leo Manzano

2012 Olympic Silver Medalist (Men's 1500m Event) - London Games, USA National Champion - Track and Field 1500m

We use Stridalyzer INSIGHT for research. Specifically, we use it to assess a patient’s gait pattern and how this is affected by their injury. Our experience with Stridalyzer INSIGHT has been great! The feature that keeps me coming back and keeps me recommending this to other people is the superior customer service. This company truly fights to make sure the customer has an excellent experience. Because of this I always have. 
I would highly recommend Stridalyzer INSIGHT to other researchers/Physiotherapists.
Michael M.

Researcher, Loyola University Medical Center Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Chicago, IL, USA

We have worked with various Stridalyzer products (Stridalyzer INSIGHT, Stridalyzer Performance, etc) for over 2 years and found ReTiSense as a company to be very reliable, and the products to be very high quality. We use the Stridalyzer INSIGHT product to analyze the walking and running gait of our patients, and use the pressure map and other info to build custom orthotics for our patients.

I would absolutely recommend ReTiSense as a company and Stridalyzer products.​

Robbie Rooney

Orthopaedist, Podiatry Trainer, Scotland, UK, Sports Orthotics



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